The JAZNU Music and Education Organization

To Teach, Promote, and Support This Sophisticated Class of Music Called Jazz We recognize its deserved right to be learned, respected, cultivated, nurtured, and protected as the vibrant contribution and legacy of African American culture.

Learn About the Rich History of Jazz

The JAZNU Music and Education Org's main objective is to educate and entertain, via various forms of media, live jazz events, and documentation on Chicago’s vital contribution to jazz music and the prominent role the African American culture played in the creation and contribution to the music industry. We improve support of jazz entertainment and education with a documentary on Chicago, a city whose attachment to jazz was enriched with a powerful cadre of creative, prolific, phenomenal and talented artists.

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We educate and promulgate the extensive, great lengths Chicago’s jazz artists and supporters have taken to preserve, promote, and cultivate this music’s growth and empowerment through a series of yearly, seasonal jazz events dedicated to this music via jazz concerts and education events focusing solely on this music’s legacy. Finally, to pass the legacy and appreciation on to our youth for cultivation, enrichment, and respect. We immortalize Chicago’s legacy of African American culture’s artists and venues to be remembered in the archives of Chicago’s jazz history and the world’s.

Dr. Marsha Noble and The JAZNU Music Education Organization

Dr. Marsha Noble, aka The Jazz Pacemaker, is a 30-year veteran Jazz Radio Personality/Producer and historian, currently producing and airing two weekly radio shows on WWMVLP-95.5. Her JAZNU Show has aired on six (6) radio stations in Chicago, and Noble is recognized as one of the world’s top African American female jazz radio personalities whose jazz show has aired over 30 years. Currently curating a jazz documentary called When Jazz Was Jazz in Chicago (WJWJIC) highlighting Chicago’s vast jazz history, Noble founded two organizations, M. Noble Productions, LLC and a nonprofit, The JAZNU Music and Education Org. Dr. Marsha Noble has a BA in Liberal Arts, a Master’s in Training and Development (MATD) and a PhD in Public Administration. While attending Columbia College, Noble participated in the Library of Congress’ Oral History Project, interviewing one of the world-renown Tuskegee Airmen and can proudly attest this interview is now archived in the Library of Congress.

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The JAZNU Music and Education Org

The JAZNU Music and Education Organization (formerly known as Noble Productions) is a nonprofit organization founded by Jazz Radio Personality/Producer Dr. Marsha Noble, aka The Jazz Pacemaker. The JAZNU MUSIC and Education Org was created to produce live jazz music/education events and jazz history seminars.

Noble began documenting Chicago’s prominent jazz history in 2001 and is curating a jazz documentary called WHEN JAZZ WAS JAZZ IN CHICAGO, highlighting Chicago’s phenomenal jazz history, its prolific cadre of world-class musicians, as well as the numerous jazz venues that composed the Chicago jazz scene, where memorable jazz events occurred.

The first release of the jazz documentary is anticipated to release in 2024. Noble is often invited to speak on jazz history, PR, marketing, and radio broadcasting and production.

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